Preparing small Businesses for growth. 

Management Consulting For Small Businesses

Startups and small businesses have a unique set of challenges that get in the way of their development, when you compare them to medium and large organization. Not only are they working with fewer resources, but they also typically have less management experience and expertise.

This can make it difficult to know where to focus when it comes to operating efficiently and getting ahead. The good news is, small businesses can run like well-oiled machines — and it all comes down to good business management.

EXECT IS A NATIONWIDE PROVIDER OF Business management training. 

Don'T tackle business alone

When businesses launch, business owners typically wear multiple hats beyond their capacity. This developmental experience can be exciting at first, but from a strategic viewpoint, this can set businesses back. 

It is important to identify your strengths and which roles are beyond your interest and/or capacity. This isn't first nature to everyone but you don't have to go at it alone. 

EXECT strategists help business owners: 

  • define goals
  • create a personnel plan
  • set Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)
  • define roles and responsibilities
  • identify operating inefficiencies
  • develop financial plans 
  • set sustainable budgets
  • develop banking procedures 
  • create capital distribution plans  
  • determine debt limits
  • set equity distribution limits 

EXECT Services


EXECT business management workshops provide training to: 

  • business managers
  • business owners
  • freelancers
  • entrepreneurs

Workshops are personalized experiences offered in 90-minute sessions (for learning) and week-long sprints (for development). 

Workshops will: 

  • educate you
  • provide you with tools
  • help you to think through your decisions
  • help you hone in on the weak spots
  • plan for a growth and a financially fit future

EXECT workshops assists you in improving your entrepreneurial vision, business structure, and also helps to organize your financials in preparation for growth. 

Ready for a change?

Now is the time to put in place plans for the future.

What to expect:  
+ 20-Minute meeting with a business strategist
+ Discuss your goals and current positioning
+ Discuss workshop topics and paths of interest to you
+ Discuss workshop deliverables
+ Discuss pricing and your timetables
+ Learn if EXECT is the right fit for you right now

As a client, you will:
+ Learn the proper way how to pay yourself, your staff, your bills, and more
+ Learn what your revenue and expense budgets should be 
+ Build a profitable, investable, and sustainable company

Let's work together to move your business forward 

This is your opportunity to work with a team of experts to show you the way.
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EXECT's impact

EXECT serves companies operating from pre-revenue to $10M in annual revenue. 


EXECT helps business leaders:

  • understand business
  • improve their financial landscape
  • create debt and equity plans 
  • prepare for funding 
  • improve profit margins
  • determine hiring needs
  • develop compensation plans
  • pay owners fairly and consistently 
  • reduce emotional decision making 
  • create operating budgets 
  • plus more…

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