Exect Budget ManagEment Consulting

Designed to help growth-ready companies soar!

 plan to grow

Pay monthly to achieve quarterly goals.

Budget Management consulting

What To Expect: 

  • Detailed revenue projections
  • Insightful sales discussions
  • Strategic financial planning
  • Milestone-focused meetings

Commitment: 3-month to 12-month engagements

Training provides the foundational knowledge and tools for do-ers. Budget Management Consulting delivers hands-on, personalized budget planning and management for growth-stage companies; helping them overcome obstacles standing in the way of their growth.

Consulting Options

EXECT focuses on optimizing businesses by addressing three key areas: Products, People, and Money. Let's break down what this means.

> Annual RoadMap

This refers to the business's goods, including products and services. This involves a direct focus on the company's signature good or MVP and determining what goods are being offered (product list), how much (quantity), at what rate (price), and when (frequency). 

Price: $40,000+

> QuarterLy Analysis

Optimizing the "People" aspect means improving the organization's human resources plans. This includes identifying personnel needs, determining staff goals and KPIs, and developing compensation plans.

Price: $20,000+

> Monthly Management

The "Money" aspect is about financial optimization. This could involve managing finances more efficiently, reducing unnecessary costs, improving cash flow, optimizing pricing strategies, and making investment decisions that align with the company's goals.

Price: $4,950+ 

The Trifecta

Incorporating these three pillars - Products, People, and Money - into a company's outlook, structure, and goals can help it become more competitive, sustainable, and profitable. It's a holistic approach that looks at various facets of the business to drive improvement and growth. EXECT offers tailored solutions to help businesses excel in these areas.

Consulting Pricing

The combination of training and consulting creates a well-rounded approach to business improvement. Training provides the foundational knowledge and tools, while consulting delivers personalized, actionable solutions, ultimately helping businesses overcome the obstacles standing in the way of optimization and acceleration.


- Experience all three training tracks
- 9 Lectures, 9 Workshops,  5 Peer Development Sessions
- Now Offering BIPOC Subsidies (Plus Payment Plans Available)
- Learn More!

Price: $40,000+


- Experience 1 training track
- 3 lectures, 3 workshops, 1 Peer Development Session
- Develop a range of skills and plans for your business

Price: $20,000+

Solution Mapping

- 40-Minute Conversation
- Get support outside of training with business decisions 
- Present dilemmas and explore actionable solutions

Price: $4,950 


Annual Roadmap


Quarterly Training
RSVP for group training 
once a quarter.


Quarterly Analysis


Quarterly  Lab
RSVP for a group lab 
once a quarter. 


Monthly Management 


RSVP for a mapping session once a quarter.



Before a purchase can be made, EXECT meets with prospective clients to discuss their interests, needs, expectations to ensure a good fit.