Exploring Exect

About the Company

Consulting Company 

EXECT is a Management Consulting Company that was established in 2010 to help businesses solve profitability issues.

Business Strategists

EXECT is comprised of Business Strategists with a depth of knowledge and experience in business management. We specialize in executive functions including business structure, strategy, planning and financials. 


EXECT works with business leaders to reform and accelerate their business. Clients learn business frameworks and they design frameworks to improve profitability and efficiency. When business issues arise, strategists analyze the situation and provide actionable recommendations. 

COnsulting Overview: 

  • Confidential 
  • Comprehensive 
  • Actionable

Consulting aim

EXECT helps companies better understand and improve 
their portfolio of goods, operations, and financial plans.


Product Validation
Clients learn how to go from ideation to validation with a human-centered focus. Trainees attend five 90-minute sessions, each session focusing on a step in the process. Once training is complete, the client will receive a roadmap to use in their business.

Portfolio Development

Clients learn how to develop a portfolio of goods that is anchored by an MVP.  Trainees receive a roadmap to use in their business and those in Design Labs get assistance developing their portfolio of goods.


Human Resource Planning
Clients learn how to develop human resource plans with a focus on sustainability. Consulting covers 3 concepts including roles, responsibilities, and compensation. Trainees receive a roadmap to use in their business and those in Design Labs get assistance developing their human resource plan.  


Clients learn how to develop operating budgets with a focus on profitability. Consulting covers 4 concepts including revenue, operating expenses, profits, and equity. Trainees receive a roadmap to use in their business and those in Design Labs get assistance developing their budgets and forecasts. 


The data shown below does not represent a valid profit plan. 
The data shown below is for demo purposes only. 

Questions About Your Business

1. What is your professional background?

2. What has your business journey been thus far?

3. What transitions or advancements would you like to see in your business?

4. When would you like to see this change happen?

5. Is good financial management a key component for making this work?

6. How would you rate your money management skills?

7. Have you ever worked with a consultant on your business?

8. What does your support system look like now? 

9. Do you have a group of people who know more about parts of your business than you do and constantly pour that knowledge into you?

10. What role do you see ExecTalentSource playing in the success of your business?

11. Do you consider your business as in crisis, going through scheduled maintenance, or planning for the future?

the Impact of Financial Management

+ Quality financial management is a major key to success for business owners.

+ Financial management helps businesses decide what they can afford in terms of a storefront or office location, inventory, purchases, employees, and equipment.

+ Sound financial information is used to set prices and select vendors.

+ Financial management helps plan for overall business growth, diversification of product lines, and for reaching new markets.

+ Financial management helps determine which products, services, and markets are profitable.

+ Effective financial management helps chart the course for the future.

+ Financial data allows visibility into the highs and lows. The data also signals when adjustments are needed.

+ Longevity is predicated on maintaining a positive cash flow and profitability; which is facilitated by financial management.

Key Benefits

understanding EXECT Profit plans

An ExecTalentSource Profit Plan is the first step in developing a sound financial outlook. 


A Profit Plan provides businesses with a financial roadmap that includes a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly operating budget for all expenses, revenue, and regulatory obligations.


The seven pillars of a healthy financial management plan include: 

  • revenue
  • owners compensation
  • operating expenses
  • payroll
  • marketing
  • taxes
  • profit margins

These seven pillars are all included in ExecTalentSource Profit Plans.


The goal of a profit plan is to find alignment between finances and the needs of the business.
Alignment allows for all of the needs of the business to be met without sacrifice. 
Financial alignment happens when the seven financial pillars are included in a balanced budget.


The ExecTalentSource cash management system allocates money at the time of revenue collection and places them into budget accounts for use.

Rule of Thumb for Cash Management Accounts

The rule of thumb for the cash management system is money can only go into their designated budget accounts and not moved around. 
When money moves between budget accounts, it breaks the integrity and validity of the financial management system, making it unusable.


Of all the pillars, the taxes budget must be presented to the client's CPA for confirmation and acceptance before the plan can be considered complete.

Types of Profit Plans

Owners Profit Plan includes:


  • Owners responsibilities 
  • Owners compensation 


  • Owners salary budget
  • Revenue budget
  • Payroll budget
  • Marketing budget
  • Operating Expenses budget
  • Taxes budget
  • Profits budget

Sales Profit Plan includes:


  • Sales vision 
  • Sales tactics


  • Product + services
  • Pricing
  • Sales forecasting
  • Volume forecasting


Marketing Profit Plan includes:


  • Marketing vision
  • Marketing tactics


  • Operational resources
  • Personnel needs
  • Outsourced support
  • Marketing itemized budget
  • Marketing expenses forecast

Payroll Profit Plan includes:


  • Personnel Vision
  • Needs assessment


  • Job descriptions 
  • Wages, fees, and benefits
  • Payroll itemized budget
  • Payroll expenses forecast

Operating Expenses Profit Plan includes:


  • Operations vision


  • Operational resources
  • Operating expenses itemized budget
  • Operating expenses forecast


Owners Profit Plan . . . . . . . . . . . . $650 - discontinued

Sales Profit Plan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,500 - $5,500 a week
Marketing Profit Plan  . . . . . . . . . $1,500 - $5,500 a week
Payroll Profit Plan . . . . . . . . . . . . . $850 - $5,500 a week
OpEx Profit Plan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$850 - $2,500

*prices are subject to change at anytime