Events for small businesses

Designed for small business owners and organizations 
that provide small business offerings.

Connect, Learn, grow 

EXECT helps companies navigate the small business ecosystem to 
make organic connections, learn, and grow. 


Attend a Mixer to participate in activities that promote collaboration and team building for people
within the small business ecosystem.

EXECT Mixers help to cultivate organic connections within the small business ecosystem.


Attend a Seminar to hear from subject matter experts, share your thoughts, make connections, and learn about companies impacting small businesses.

EXECT Seminars foster discussions and learning opportunities that moves small businesses forward.


Attend a multi-day summit to participate in an annual development workshop for business leaders. Experience educational presentations, exploration sessions, networking events, and forums.

EXECT Summits helps companies understand their companies position and develop future plans. 

Looking for Market Access?

EXECT provides opportunities for businesses to test out their 
products, marketing, sales approach, and operating systems. 

Market Access Events are perfect for 
business debuts, product launches, and employee training.

Product Testing

Showcase your product and get customer reviews.

Sales & Operations

Operate your business at a Market Access Event to test our your marketing, sales, and operating techniques.  


Experience micro-retailing and gain a deeper understanding of wholesaling, learn how to strengthen your brand's position, and test out ways to improve your commercial selling power.

Mixer Pricing



Members receive a ticket to attend a mixer once a quarter.



Attend a mixer to organically grow your network.  



Tell your company's story and showcase small biz offerings.

Seminar Pricing



Members receive a ticket to attend a seminar twice a year.



Attend a seminar to learn, share, and make connections.  



Engage and educate our audience.

summit Pricing



Receive a ticket to attend EXECT's annual summit.



Attend the annual summit to learn, connect, and grow.  



Engage and educate our audience.

Market Access Pricing

Product Testing


Showcase your product and get feedback and reviews. 

Sales & Operations


Set goals, test your process, and get improvement ideas.  


30% Sales

Grow your business through micro-retailing.

Purchase Process

Before a purchase can be made, EXECT meets with prospective clients to 
discuss their interests, needs, expectations to ensure a good fit.