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ExecTalentSource Profit Plans 

understanding exectalentsource Profit plans

An ExecTalentSource Profit Plan is the first step towards profitability for most small businesses.  The following 7 topics are essential to understanding the inner workings of a Profit Plan.


Profit Plans are designed for founders/co-founders that own small businesses making between $0-$10M in annual revenue across the US. 

Included is a 45-minute to 3-hour working session that serves as the discovery needed to produce a personalized profit model for small businesses that helps them launch, maintain financial alignment, and scale.


A Profit Plan provides businesses with a financial roadmap that includes a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly operating budget for all expenses, revenue, and regulatory obligations.


The seven pillars of a healthy financial management plan include revenue, owners compensation, operating expenses, payroll, marketing, taxes, and profit margins; which are all included in ExecTalentSource Profit Plans.


The goal of a profit plan is to find alignment between business ownership, operations, and the financials flowing in and out of the business. Financial alignment happens when the seven financial pillars are budgeted and balanced. Alignment allows for all of the needs of the business to be met without sacrifice. 

Positive CASH Flow

The seven pillars are designed to flow into a cash management system that eliminates debt and places the company into a cash flow positive position.

Rule of Thumb 

The rule of thumb for this cash management system is money can only go into their designated budget accounts and not moved around. When money moves between budget accounts, it breaks the integrity and validity of the cash management system, making it unusable.


Of all the pillars, the taxes budget must be presented to the client's CPA for confirmation and acceptance before the plan can be considered complete.


Let's walk through the answers 
to some commonly asked questions.

WhERE Should i start?

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If you are ready to begin working with ExecTalentSource, the Owners Profit Plan is where you would start.

If you want to learn more about the next steps, a free 20-minute consultation is great for you. 

how should i prepare?

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Start by:

  • Making a list of what’s keeping you up at night pertaining to your business. 
  • Pull any financial data that you are proud of or concerned about.

Who Should Be Involved?

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All founders should be involved in the Owners Profit Plan. 

Owner operators and managers should be involved in all Profit Plans excluding the Owners Profit Plan.  

Profit Plans are not designed for the participation of silent partners and those who own private stock.

How much time will this take?

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You will need: 

  • 20-minutes for a free consultation
  • 45-minutes for Owners Profit Plan
  • 90-minutes for Payroll + Operations Profit Plans
  • Up to 3 hours for Marketing + Sales Profit Plans

Does ExecTalentSource work With Non-Profits?

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ExecTalentSource has served non-profit organizations since 2010.  

The biggest takeaway for non-profits is the Payroll, Operations, Marketing and Sales Profit Plans. 

We gladly welcome new non-profits into our space.

How doEs exectalentsource operate during covid-19?

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Profit Plans are designed for in-person delivery but can be facilitated on Zoom due to Covid-19. 

Dallas, Texas is the only ExecTalentSource office still facilitating in person delivery of Profit Plans.   

how often will i need a profit plan?

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Profit Plans outline what goals and budgets you should adopt.  

For optimal results, Profit Plans are recommended annually and Profit Plan reviews are recommended quarterly.

How Can are all my financials Be misaligned?

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When we uncover financial misalignments within your business, it means your actions and goals are out of sync, which is good information! 

Your goal is to uncover all of your financial misalignments so you can rebuild them and create new strategies to improve your performance. 

What Do I need to Know About Making payments? 

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ExecTalentSource accepts checks, wires, and ACH payments. A processing fee is applied to credit cards and debit cards payments.

After account set up and the profit plan is selected, clients are sent an invoice via email with a Click to Pay link. 

ExecTalentSource does not offer payment plans. 
Services are rendered once payment is made in full. 

does ExecTalentSource provide consulting, Coaching, advisory, or mentoring services? 

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This is by far the most commonly asked question and unfortunately ExecTalentSource does not offer consulting, coaching, advisory or mentoring services. 

The company's strategists utilize Q&A working sessions to draw out information needed to develop Profit Plans for entrepreneurs. However, the strategist do not individually coach or consult for any business owners. 

ExecTalentSource's only service offering is a physical Profit Plan.

what Type of companies Purchase Profit Plans? 

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ExecTalentSource provides Profit Plans to founders/co-founders that own small businesses making between $0-$10M in annual revenue across the US.