EXECT Services

EXECT provides business management training 
that optimizes business plans, practices and procedures.

The PRocess

Step 1

Choose a Goal

Step 2

Pick your Focus

Step 3

Request a Consultation

Step 1: Choose a Goal

Option 1. Learn 

In a 90-minute session, you will work with a strategist to:

  • learn business frameworks
  • discuss strategic methods
  • better understand roles and responsibilities, including yours
  • explore boundaries and limits
  • examine appropriate goals 
  • improve your business outlook
  • learn what to tackle next in your business

Option 2. BUILD 

In one-week sprints, you will work alongside a strategist to:

  • develop period-based operating budgets 
  • create revenue and expense categories 
  • set goals and budgets 
  • create an owners compensation plan
  • develop payroll budgets and personnel plans
  • set appropriate profit margin goals 
  • determine capital reinvestment plans
  • create cash management plans for banking
  • determine equity distribution limits
  • create debt acquisition limits

Option 3. Launch

Over the course of a month, you will work with a strategist to:

  • activate your plans
  • set short term and long term goals
  • develop milestones
  • design metrics
  • monitor revenue, expenses, and profit margins
  • examine financial tensions and reduce inefficient practices 

Step 2: Pick Your Focus

Option 1. Business Vision

For visionaries looking to transform their ideas into business ventures.

  • explore your business vision
  • uncover a business route that is suitable for you
  • identify the impact that you wish make
  • map out intended experiences 
  • select your role in the business mission

Option 2. Business Structure 

For owners, entrepreneurs, and managers ready to develop standards for how the business operates.

  • examine entrepreneurship, ownership, and management
  • discuss the functional purpose of a business
  • review the formula for running a business
  • explore human capital, roles, responsibilities, and KPI's

Option 3. Business Financials

For money managers looking to improve the financial future of the business.

  • learn what owners compensation should be in relation to revenue
  • discuss financial goals and operating budgets including payroll
  • examine equity distribution limits and debt acquisition limits
  • receive a cash management plan for banking
  • receive a comprehensive operating budget 
  • uncover the company's investable, profitable, & scalable rating

Step 3: Request A Consultation

What to expect:  

+ 20-Minute meeting with a business strategist
+ Discuss your goals and current positioning
+ Discuss workshop topics and paths of interest to you
+ Discuss workshop deliverables
+ Discuss pricing and your timetables
+ Learn if EXECT is the right fit for you right now


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