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EXECT Services

For those uncertain of how to grow their business and reduce financial tensions, EXECT provides training to show you the way.

EXECT Training examines the way you make financial decisions and illustrates where to focus your efforts to improve your process. We will help you take a closer look at your Products, People, and Money to develop a better structure and goals. Ultimately, EXECT's aim is to help your company become more sustainable, profitable, and investable over time. 


Location: Dallas, TX and virtual

Length: 90-minutes

Training exposes you to the foundational elements needed to design a sustainable and profitable business. During training, you will examine how you make financial decisions and learn frameworks to optimize your business. 


  • instructor lead, LIVE sessions
  • thought-provoking content
  • stimulating conversation 

You will walk away from your training session with a new outlook on your business, a list of things you want to tackle, and a systematic way to make improvements. Training is truly a transformational educational experience that is eye-opening and empowering.




Location: Dallas, TX and virtual

Length: 60-minutes

After Training is complete, Analysis is available to help you directly address the issues standing in the way of your optimization. Analysis brings you face-to-face with a solutions expert who helps you examine and resolve your business issues.


  • one-on-one sessions
  • wide-angle examinations 
  • solution mapping

Training and Analysis are the perfect pair, one provides you with a roadmap and the other helps you navigate around roadblocks in real time. The information and insights you will gain during your Analysis session will be practical and actionable. Although the aim is for viability, you will be guided in the direction that feels right for you, and your vision, and aligns with the resources you have available. This will be a clarifying and empowering experience and you will walk away with a realistic solution to your business problem. 



EXECT's Optimization AIM: 

"Products, PEOPLE, Money"

EXECT consulting is centered around optimizing your outlook, structure, and goals 
linked to your company's Products, People, and Money. 



Improve viability by optimizing the production structure and product goals.


  • product list
  • pricing
  • production forecasts
  • revenue sources
  • initial customer interest vs. secondary interest
  • production capabilities and limitations



mprove sustainability by optimizing the personnel structure & team goals.


  • roles and responsibilities 
  • expectations of personnel
  • key performance indicators
  • staff compensation 
  • owners compensation 
  • advisor and board outlook
  • leadership responsibilities



Improve profitability by optimizing the financial structure and financial goals.


  • financial goals 
  • sales and revenue
  • operating budgets
  • profit planning
  • debt management
  • financial results vs. projections
  • use of funds


Brandy B.

If you have a small business, you need EXECT. 

They will bring you the clarity you need to understand how to run your business without running yourself into the ground. 

As small business owners we often feel like we have to do it all until we’re bringing in hundreds of thousands in revenue. This isn’t sustainable. 

EXECT will show you the way to success.


Charbel M.

I expected to learn how to track spending and project future revenues, but the outcome was more in depth and in detail. 

My consultant really peeled back the skin of the orange and we dove deep into expenses explaining exactly the "how, where, and why" of it all.


Tanya R.

I went into this knowing I needed to create a business growth plan but not really knowing how or where to start. 

At the end, I felt confident and capable of turning my growth vision into a profitable business strategy. 

We went over high level business structure, actual marketing and operational needs, and how to approach finances from a growth planning perspective rather than just accounting.


Dillard T.

I gained insight into the inner workings of properly structured operations. 

I left with a clear understanding of my deficiencies and also what it would take to build a plan for addressing those deficiencies. 

The training was a very personalized experience and not rushed at all. I not only received the information but I also grasped the fundamental concepts.


Elisiva M.

The most meaningful and insightful aspects were found in explaining Owner's Compensation. 

This entire time I felt I should not be taking as much to support the business's growth. 

This helped me realize that I needed to build the business based on a framework and understand our growth strategy.


David D.

The concepts really help you see your money as a tool of your business and how the every dollar your business earns has a place that’s key to its financial health. 

Highly recommend.

Prepare your business for growth

Get consulting that is 

clarifying, empowering, and transformational. 

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