ExecT Services

The Process


Attend workshops to advance your financial and business knowledge.

+ Workshops
[ education ]


Develop financial and operating plans within the right frameworks.

+ Strategy Development
[ consulting ]


Activate plans, apply metrics, get coached and measure success.

+ Implementation
[ coaching ]


Purpose: The objective is to help you gain a deeper understanding of business from the lens of an executive. You will also gain exposure to all the ways that EXECT can help you improve the formation and function of your business.

Benefits: You will learn frameworks, improve your financial outlook, better understand your individual role and responsibilities, and have a reference point for what to tackle next in your business. 

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During workshop A, you will: 

  • breakdown entrepreneurship  and business ownership
  • discuss the functional purpose of a business
  • examine the strategists formula to running a business
  • discuss human capital, roles, responsibilities, and KPI's


During workshop B, you will: 

  • learn what owners compensation should be in relation to revenue
  • discuss financial goals and operating budgets including payroll
  • examine equity distribution limits and debt acquisition limits
  • receive a cash management plan for banking
  • receive a comprehensive operating budget 
  • uncover company's investable, profitable, & scalable rating


During workshop C, you will:

  • explore your entrepreneurial visions 
  • uncover a business route that is suitable for you
  • identify the impact that you wish make
  • map out intended experiences 
  • select your role in the business mission


Purpose: The objective is to construct plans that improves your company’s position; whether it’s to be profitable, scalable, investable, or all of the above.

Benefits: You will walk away with a guidebook on how you make, spend, and invest capital back into your business. 

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Strategy Development consulting

You will work with a strategist to co-create:

  • period-based operating budgets (ex: 3-months, 6-months, 1-year)
  • revenue categories and targets
  • expense categories and budgets 
  • owners compensation plan
  • payroll budgets and personnel plans
  • appropriate profit margin goals 
  • capital reinvestment plans
  • cash management plans for banking
  • equity distribution limits
  • debt acquisition limits


Purpose: The objective is to activate the plans that you created in Labs, set achievement goals,  and track your progress over a period of time.

Benefits: This process keeps you on track to meet your goals. You will experience routine check-ins and you will receive guidance on “how to” and “when to” make necessary pivots in your plans.

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Implementation coaching

You will work with strategist to:  

  • activate the plans that you created in Labs
  • set short term and long term goals
  • develop milestones
  • design metrics
  • monitor revenue, expenses, and profit margins
  • examine financial tensions and reduce inefficient practices 

You Don'T have to tackle business alone.

When businesses launch, business owners typically wear multiple hats beyond their capacity. This developmental experience can be exciting at first, but from a strategic viewpoint, this can set businesses back. 

It is important to identify your strengths and which roles are beyond your interest and/or capacity. This isn't first nature to everyone but you don't have to go at it alone. 

EXECT strategists help business owners: 

  • define goals
  • create a personnel plan
  • set Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)
  • define roles and responsibilities
  • identify operating inefficiencies
  • develop financial plans 
  • set sustainable budgets
  • develop banking procedures 
  • create capital distribution plans  
  • determine debt limits
  • set equity distribution limits 


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