EXECT Financial sTrategy Training

Designed for Founders, Owners, Executives, and Senior Leaders

training Qualifications

> your Accomplishments

  • Own a business within the United States of America
  • Running your business for 1 year
  • Made at least $10,000 in revenue within the last 12 months

> Your Outlook

  • Ready to make business model and operating improvements
  • Prepared to scale and grow in the next 12 months
  • Driven to own/operate a million-dollar-business
  • Desire to create jobs

Training Tracks

EXECT focuses on optimizing businesses by addressing three key areas: Products, People, and Money. Let's break down what this means.

> Products

This refers to the business's goods, including products and services. This involves a direct focus on the company's signature good or MVP and determining what goods are being offered (product list), how much (quantity), at what rate (price), and when (frequency). 

> People

Optimizing the "People" aspect means improving the organization's human resources plans. This includes identifying personnel needs, determining staff goals and KPIs, and developing compensation plans.

> Money

The "Money" aspect is about financial optimization. This could involve managing finances more efficiently, reducing unnecessary costs, improving cash flow, optimizing pricing strategies, and making investment decisions that align with the company's goals.

The Trifecta

Incorporating these three pillars - Products, People, and Money - into a company's outlook, structure, and goals can help it become more competitive, sustainable, and profitable. It's a holistic approach that looks at various facets of the business to drive improvement and growth. EXECT offers tailored solutions to help businesses excel in these areas.

Training Pricing

The combination of training and consulting creates a well-rounded approach to business improvement. Training provides the foundational knowledge and tools, while consulting delivers personalized, actionable solutions, ultimately helping businesses overcome the obstacles standing in the way of optimization and acceleration.

16-Week Training Program

- Experience all three training tracks
- 9 Lectures, 9 Workshops,  5 Peer Development Sessions
- Now Offering BIPOC Subsidies (Plus Payment Plans Available)
- Learn More!

Price: $13,500

Training Track

- Experience 1 training track
- 3 lectures, 3 workshops, 1 Peer Development Session
- Develop a range of skills and plans for your business

Price: $3,750

Lecture + Workshop

- 1 lecture, 1 workshop
- Various training topics to choose from
- Cohesive and comprehensive group-style learning environment

Price: $950

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Snapshot of EXECT Clients

EXECT clienths have a shared outlook that unifies them in their views, experiences, and approach. 

> Current Conditions

Generating revenue but want to: 

  • optimize the performance of the business
  • develop better systems and metrics
  • improve hiring plan and compensation plan (including owners compensation)
  • prepare for future investment/become more attractive to investors

> Wish List

Need training and support to: 

  • button up the business idea
  • optimize the company's list of goods
  • develop an operational road map
  • create goals and budgets
  • build systems to track and manage success
  • activate and iterate over set periods of time

> ideal Solution

Less stress, more knowledge and clarity, better control of the business which leads to better business decisions. 

This is where EXECT comes in! We are business strategists that place entrepreneurs in growth arenas to accelerate their business, fix financial misalignments, improve their structure/systems/process, and prepare for investment. 

We work with you over a period of time to Develop/Optimize your:

  • list of goods
  • production capacity limits
  • personnel plan
  • compensation plan
  • KPI's
  • revenue goal
  • owners compensation plan 
  • operating budget
  • debt Plan 
  • cash management p;an
  • equity distribution plan
  • capital reinvestment plan


Janell P.

I had no expectations before my training and, honestly, was quite blown away at how deep we got. 

My trainer was very supportive, skilled, knowledgeable, and willing to put in the time to clear the muddy waters of my business story so that we could move on to the actual training. 

Super impactful and impressive. I am very grateful to my trainer for her clarity and patience.

Company Founded: 2012
Retail Industry


Joshua c.

I appreciated my trainer for taking more than double the dedicated time to walk through every component with me. 

It was one of the single most valuable conversations I've had in the past 5 years which helped me piece together a large missing puzzle piece into the maze of my mind of what a viable business even looks like and how it can be created.

Company Founded: 2019


Brandy B.

If you have a small business, you need EXECT. 

They will bring you the clarity you need to understand how to run your business without running yourself into the ground. 

As small business owners we often feel like we have to do it all until we’re bringing in hundreds of thousands in revenue. This isn’t sustainable. 

EXECT will show you the way to success.

Company Founded: 2019
Beauty Industry


Charbel M.

I expected to learn how to track spending and project future revenues, but the outcome was more in-depth and detailed. 

My consultant really peeled back the skin of the orange and we dove deep into expenses explaining exactly the "how, where, and why" of it all.

Company Founded: 2019


Tanya R.

I went into this knowing I needed to create a business growth plan but did not really know how or where to start. 

In the end, I felt confident and capable of turning my growth vision into a profitable business strategy. 

We went over high-level business structure, actual marketing, and operational needs, and how to approach finances from a growth planning perspective rather than just accounting.

Company Founded: 2019
Food and Beverage Industry


Dillard T.

I gained insight into the inner workings of properly structured operations. 

I left with a clear understanding of my deficiencies and also what it would take to build a plan for addressing those deficiencies. 

The training was a very personalized experience and not rushed at all. I not only received the information but I also grasped the fundamental concepts.

Tech Industry


David D.

The concepts really help you see your money as a tool of your business and how every dollar your business earns has a place that’s key to its financial health. 

Highly recommend.

Company Founded: 2017
Environmental Services Industry


Elisiva M.

The most meaningful and insightful aspects were found in explaining Owner's Compensation. 

This entire time I felt I should not be taking as much to support the business's growth. 

This helped me realize that I needed to build the business based on a framework and understand our growth strategy.

Company Founded: 2019

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